Dr Chris Tomlinson

Dr Chris Tomlinson

Anaesthetic, Critical Care & Perioperative Medicine Doctor



Anaesthetic, Critical Care & Perioperative Medicine Doctor. Aspiring Clinician Data Scientist.


  • Physiology in Critical Illness
  • Data Science methodology for gaining insight into complex physiological systems


  • Primary Fellowship, 2018

    Royal College of Anaesthetists

  • Dipolma in Medical Care of Catastrophes, 2016

    The Worshipful Society of Apothecaries of London

  • Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery, 2014

    University College London

  • Bachelor of Medical Sciences with Physiology (1st Class Hons), 2011

    University College London

Recent Posts

Code for EBPOM 2020 Abstract: Wearables for Home Post-op Monitoring

Code for my abstract “Wearables for Home Post-Operative Monitoring: Proof of Concept” submitted to Evidence Based PeriOperative Medicine 2020 Imports fitbit data, via the web API and fitbitr package, into R.

Wearables: Heart Rate Data from FitBit - Part 2

In Part 1 we explored using the fitbitr package from teramonagi and the fitbit Web API to extract Heart Rate Time Series Data. In Part 2 we will use a Personal application API key to access Intraday Time Series Data, giving us heart rate data with a greater temporal resolution e.

Wearables: Heart Rate Data from FitBit - Part 1

A simple tutorial on extracting Heart Rate data from a fitbit via the fitbit Web API using the fitbitr from Nagi Teramo(teramonagi) Import Data # Load fitbit web API key into global environment #FITBIT_KEY <- "<your OAuth 2.

Wearables: Heart Rate Data from FitBit - Part 1

A simple tutorial on extracting Heart Rate data from a fitbit via the fitbit Web API using the fitbitr from Nagi Teramo(teramonagi) Import Data # Load fitbit web API key into global environment #FITBIT_KEY <- "<your OAuth 2.

Building a Website with Hugo/Academic

I decided to write this post as I felt that the documentation from Academic, whilst excellent, was very much angled towards using netlify. Although netlify looks like a slick deployment system, I wanted to learn the process of building a classic GitHub Pages website from ‘getting my hands dirty’!

Recent Publications

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‘Shielded’ anaesthetists and intensivists during the COVID‐19 pandemic

We are clinicians who are part of the ‘shielded’ or ‘extremely vulnerable’ group, as determined either by the government [1] or local policy. Whereas we appreciate the unprecedented and rapidly evolving nature of this situation, our group has been conspicuous by its absence from organisational guidance.

Recent Presentations

Talks & Posters

Subdural haemorrhage following epidural top-up for caesarean section

Background & aims Subdural haemorrhage after epidural is a rare complication, which can pose diagnostic challenge given the varied differentials for intrapartum headache. We present a 30-year-old fit and well female at 40 weeks and 2 days gestation with an epidural uneventfully sited.

Creating a Portable High-Fidelity ECMO Mannequin for Developing an ECMO-assisted CardioPulmonary Resuscitation (eCPR) Programme

Background eCPR is a complex process requiring multiple team members to conduct technical procedures in a coordinated, time-critical fashion. Simulation has an increasingly well recognised role in medical training, particularly in the field of critical care, allowing non-technical skills to be honed and logistical challenges to be identified and solutions sought in a safe environment.



Anaesthetics, Critical Care & Perioperative Medicine Doctor


Aug 2017 – Present

Responsibilities include:

  • Elective & Emergency Anaesthesia
  • Obstetric Anaesthesia
  • Acute & Chronic Pain Medicine
  • Intensive Care Medicine


  • ST3: Surrey & Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust
  • CT2: Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
  • CT1: Ashford & St. Peter’s NHS Foundation Trust

Clinical Fellow in Cardiothoracic Intensive Care

Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust

Aug 2016 – Feb 2017

Responsibilities include:

  • Mechanical Circulatory support, including ventricular assist devices, extra-corporeal membrane oxygenation (VV & VA) & Total Artifical Heart
  • Completed Focussed Intensive Care Echocardiography (FICE) accreditation, now teaching faculty on FEEL course

Foundation Programme Doctor


Jul 2014 – Aug 2016

Foundation Year 1 Doctor (House Officer)
Royal Surrey County Hospital

  • Acute Medicine
  • General Surgery
  • General Medicine (Gastroenterology & Hepatology)

Foundation Year 2 Doctor (Senior House Officer)
St. Richard’s Hospital

  • Trauma & Orthopaedics (+ general surgical & urology on-calls)
  • Emergency Medicine
  • General Practice (Flansham Park Health Centre, Bognor Regis)


Xtreme Everest 2 Expedition

Mar 2013 – Apr 2013

Expedition to Everest Base Camp seeking to characterise acclimatisation to environmental hypoxia in Sherpa’s & Westerners to identify biomarkers of (mal-) adaptation that may inspire novel diagnostic/therapeutic targets for the cellular hypoxia seen in critical illness.

Responsibilities included:

  • Forearm venous plethysmography
  • Nitrate metabolism studies
  • Ambulatory monitoring (SpO2, NIBP & ECG)
  • Core physiological dataset collection (daily cardiorespiratory observations and symptom-scores).

Supervisors: Prof. Mike Grocott & Prof. Denny Levett


Data Science: Foundations using R Specialization

Modules: The Data Scientist’s Toolbox, R Programming, Getting and Cleaning Data, Exploratory Data Analysis, Reproducible Research
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